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With a HTTPS submission you are exposing yourself to the risks that someone else will know that you have submitted something, without knowing what you have submitted.

Therefore, if you have delicate material or are at risk yourself, we strongly advise you to go for an anonymous submission. With an anonymous submission you are fully protected, it is not possible for a third party to know that you have submitted something nor what you have submitted.

To make an anonymous submission, instead of using your usual web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) you should use the Tor Browser Bundle, this is a special piece of software designed to enable anonymous web browsing. Then through the Tor Browser please access our secure upload: http://ydtjl5cn3smvsork.onion/

If you write us through TOR, the files you upload and the notifications we will receive will be encrypted. This context may contain the same description, fields and settings of the other, but has selected an encrypted receiver.

For more information visit Globaleaks and make sure you read their security tips.