Our vision

weye fights for human rights the digital way

Our mission

weye is a secure port of call for human rights videos and aims to help people by making their voice heard. Changemakers across the world can safely and anonymously upload their video stories. weye ensures the reliability of the material by verifying the videos via innovative technical developments, experts and the community. weye is supported by a large network of partners from media, academia and civil society whom we offer verified information on human rights. That’s how weye empowers people by bringing their true stories to the world.

weye is a project of the NGO Irrepressible Voices aiming at the promotion of human rights in a globalised world. In order to achieve this goal we focus on the stories of locals from all over the world and give them the opportunity to make their voice heard on both our platforms: weye and FutureChallenges. For more information, visit us at Irrepressible Voices and Futurechallenges.org

weye means empower people - raise awareness - create change


Anonymous upload

With a HTTPS submission you are exposing yourself to the risks that someone else will know that you have submitted something, without knowing what you have submitted.

Therefore, if you have delicate material or are at risk yourself, we strongly advise you to go for an anonymous submission. With an anonymous submission you are fully protected, it is not possible for a third party to know that you have submitted something nor what you have submitted.

To make an anonymous submission, instead of using your usual web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) you should use the Tor Browser Bundle, this is a special piece of software designed to enable anonymous web browsing. Then through the Tor Browser please access our secure upload: http://ydtjl5cn3smvsork.onion/

If you write us through TOR, the files you upload and the notifications we will receive will be encrypted. This context may contain the same description, fields and settings of the other, but has selected an encrypted receiver.

If you want to learn more, please drop us a line info@weye.info

Please, also visit Globaleaks for more info and make sure you read their security tips.

Verification: this is our review process

In times where 300 hours of video material are uploaded to the internet, questionable authenticity, poor findability and undetermined verification are major obstacles for the video to find its right audience and purpose. Therefore, it is especially important to verify the material we receive. To help verifying the videos, we strongly encourage you to use original footage rather than edited material. You can send us both to improve our verification.

After the submission of a video we verify it as follows:

  • In a first step, we analyse the metadata in cooperation with our partner dence. This automated technical verification process helps us to determine manipulations of the video file as well as the metadata like time stamp and location.
    • insufficient data - we have tried our best to analyze the metadata but there is not enough data to make a clear statement
    • processed suspicious - it seems like the video was manipulated
    • processed unsuspicious - it seems like the video was processed but not manipulated
    • camera original - the video was not processed and is a camera original
    • not analyzed - metadata is not analyzed yet
  • In a second step, the video will be checked by our team of professionals from varying fields. We will use various techniques as well as our network of bloggers and citizen journalists around the world to verify the location, the time and the content of the video. This effort results in the following four status:
    • insufficient data - we have tried our best to verify the information provided by the user but there is not enough data to make a clear statement
    • facts wrong - it seems like either the location, the time or the description of the videos shows wrong facts
    • facts questionable - it seems like either the location, the time or the description of the videos is questionable
    • facts true - the location, the time and the description of the video are very likely to be correct

If you are interested in joining our community of curators and help verifying, please say drop us a line at info@weye.info

Contextualised and relevant videos for media and human rights NGOs

weye categorizes the video footage and connects the human rights community to the right international partners. Last but not least, our large network of partner organizations help us with the distribution of the human rights videos to raise awareness and initiate social change.

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If you want to become a supporter, we would like to hear from you. Please say hi: info@weye.info


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